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Ramblin, Where to Begin
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Date:2008-01-02 02:13
Subject:this is a real sloth
Mood: enthralled

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Date:2007-07-01 01:08
Subject:OH MY DEAR GOD!!!!!!!
Mood: loved

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Date:2007-06-05 09:09

anyone seen scnn yet?
the end is awesome

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Date:2007-03-12 09:00
Subject:Putting myself on warning
Mood: lethargic

Bought a camera this weekend
A Yashica U-Matic 8
1961 edition

it still works all it needs is
some film
and then I am on my way

sat around all weekend listening to it play
it makes a sound

a nice comforting buzzing...
to ease the nerves of senior projects

four am comes too fast

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Date:2006-06-01 09:18
Subject:Two Things
Mood: disappointed

Hey I was looking at my recent posts and no one has commented... you guys make me cry am I just not entertaining enough or are you not reading them?? Where are you I always comment?!?

Sorry just a little insecure sometimes...

Got the Endfest lineup:


not in that order... tickets are from 35-55 dollars... at white river I don't think I am gonna go.. no death cab I would like to see red hot chili peppers but i can wait... and i don't wwant to pay that much to sit tthrough all those other crappy (sorry if your offended0 bands...
I can be convinced though if anybody really wants to go...
I do think Issac Brock is pretty cool... we could hang...

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Date:2004-08-16 12:10
Mood: silly

Yeah the day has arrived in just a few hours I am going home. Hehe I can notwait. I get to see my cat and watch VH1. oh and see you guys, i Guess that is good. Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get my schedule and see how much of my day i get to spend being tortured by you all. hehe I hope Kat and I have math togethor. lol. hehe I am in a really really good mood. Steph!!! We need to go shopping!!! Bri!!! Value Village baby!!! Heatherr!!!! I miss drivers ed!!!!

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Date:2004-08-15 12:06
Mood: hyper

Hi everyone look at me I am back on livejournal and I bet none of you have posted. I am happy because I just got back from the fitness center where I ran as I watched tv and listened to music. I still miss you all. Today all I am doing is staying here. My mom and my sister went to the aquarium and i didn't really feel like going so I am going to sit back and watch tv all day. I know it sounds like loads of fun. I just wish there was VH1 then I would be realy happ, but alas no. I am here with HBO instead. Really not a bad trade off in the long run. i just watched Malibu's Most Wanted while I ran. Oh well... I am coming back to morrow so see ya all soon!

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Date:2004-08-14 16:01
Mood: pissed off

Umm.. I am hella bored and I am reading all of your latest postings and xKat is saying she's addicted to LiveJournal and I want to know. Where the hell are you all right now. I mean it is one o'clock in the afternoon there. What the hell are you all doing? ....... Where the hell is Kat......... I want VH1............... I was happy now you all made me pissed..................

You suck

All of you

I bet your all out shopping without me

Love you all too.

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Date:2004-08-14 15:39
Subject:From DC
Mood: bouncy

Hey all! This is cLaire and I am here in Washibgton DC. I leave on Monday and don't get back untill early morning Tuesday. And I mean early (1 am) I will go to the post office that day and get my schedule. That means I'll be callling you all on tuiesday to talk about schedules. I have had hella fun here. I went to H&M the fourth best store in the world. And th eHard Rock CAFE... In Utero soup anyone. hehe I wonder if any of ya'll got this. Went to Virgina and saw Mount Vernon where George Washington lived. I miss you all and your hella craziness. Heatherr there is no VH1 here and I am dying a slow and painful death.... HAL SPARKS. MICHEAL IAN BLACK.... WHERE ARE U????????????? any way.. is it bad I haven't started my english project yet?

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Date:2004-07-29 16:39
Subject:hey everyone!
Mood: cheerful

sorry that I haven't been writing like at all this summer but I have been buisy. I finished driver's ed. on tuesday and thst is very exciting. since then I have been being lazy and watching loads of VH1. Even though as Heatherr knows it and Johnny Depp lied to me! (he does watch his own movies, hello commentary on the Pirates os the Caribbean DVD!) Come on we aren't that dunb. Any way I am leaving to go to Washington DC on tuesday and i won't be back untill the 16th so see ya later. Leave a message oin my cell phone if ya want to tell me something! I will have it with me.

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Date:2004-05-21 09:16
Subject:why do we have school?
Mood: amused

I am in school. It is TAP and I am bored. Heatherr, Bri and I are going to Honk on saturday. It will be fun to bad steph isn't down here, i wish she was because she could come with us!!!! Ahhh. Why isn't friday over yet. Last night we all went to the internatiuonal festival at North City. It was fun there was lots of free food and bri won an awesome basket there. Yeah Otter pops!!!! they rule. Little orphan Orange! Yeah.

On a sadder note my dog is sick. I hope he's okay. He won't eat anything and sleeps all day.

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Date:2004-05-17 13:06
Mood: annoyed

Today I have a softball game. We are playing at Lynnwood. I am really tired and I just want to go to sleep. I am so happy that school is almost over. This is unbearable......
MY LIP HURTS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just got braces and now there is a huge sore on my lip. It looks gross and hurts so bad. Als o my lips as so chapped and they are also swollen! This better end soon.

On a lighter note my pirate hat from Saturday is on my wall.

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